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OADA State Conference

The 2018 Conference will be held April 13-17 at Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, Oregon. 

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Online Registration

Registration for this year's State Conference in Sunriver can be completed online  

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Conference Registration is now closed online. You can still register at Sunriver.

The Golf tournament is full

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Future Conference Dates

DATES                         LOCATION   

    2019 4/13-16               Sunriver Resort

    2020  4/18-21               Sunriver Resort

    2021  4/4/17-20           TBD



As you make plans to attend, please remember to book your accomodations through Sunriver Resorts. The Association is contracted to book a block of accomodations as part of the Executive Board's efforts to keep costs down. All accomodations including lodge rooms, Lodge Village Suites, Ponderosa Suites, and houses managed by Sunriver Resorts are included in our agreement. By meeting the Association's contracted room agreement, we are able to receive a significant break on meeting room rentals and meals, which helps make the conference more affordable for all our membership.

The Direct link to Sunriver Reservations is HERE. Be sure to mention you are registering through the OADA Conference.

For general information about the conference, please contact OADA Vice-President, Dennis Burke for details - burked@wlwv.k12.or.us

Vendor Information

On behalf of the Oregon Athletic Directors Association, we would like invite you to attend the 47th annual OADA State Conference scheduled for Sunday April 14 through Tuesday April 17, 2018 at the Sunriver Resort in Sunriver, OR. Vendors who attended and showed at the 2017 conference have until January 19, 2018 to sign up to guarantee their spot. We are planning for 58 available exhibitor spaces at this year’s conference, so please do not delay!

We encourage vendors to become part of the OADA Family. The State Conference typically has a 90% or more attendance for all Oregon Athletic Directors making it a valuable resource for vendors and AD's to connect. 

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If you have any questions, Contact Craig Rothenberger at crothenberger@junctioncity.k12.or.us or (541) 520-2045

Annual OADA Scholarship Golf Tournament

This year's tournament will be held at the prestigeous Crosswater Course. The entry form is HERE

If you have questions about the golf tourament, contact Tim Sam, CMAA through this LINK



Athletic Directors: Please Note!  To check to see the courses you have taken, checkin to your account at the NIAAA: CLICK HERE

2018 State Conference LTA Offerings

LTC510 - Legal Issues IV (Social Media, Transgender Participation, Event Management & Security, Pregnant & Parenting Student-Athletes, & Intellectual Property)
This course provides in-depth coverage of the legal standards governing the authority of schools to sanction student-athletes and athletics personnel for misuse of electronic communications tools and inappropriate postings on social media, including strategies for developing and implementing effective social media policies, along with extensive coverage of the legal mandates imposed by courts and legislatures related to event management and security, legal issues regarding the participation by transgender students in school sports programs, the rights of pregnant and parenting student-athletes that must be respected by interscholastic athletics programs, and the intellectual property issues related to schools sports nicknames, logos, and mascots.

LTC721 - Positive Sporting Behaviors
In this course students will learn to implement appropriate strategies and techniques, designed to create a positive, productive learning environment, which will support a system that encourages character and self-discipline and sportsmanship. This class will provide opportunities for self assessment and reflection in regards to prior performance. In addition students will participate in class discussions, and activities which will increase their knowledge and skills of the effective components of successful character, citizenship and sportsmanship to share with their students, coaches, parents and communities.

LTC503 - Enhancing Organization Management 
This course is a companion course to Strategies for Organization Management and outlines an approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as special events, public relations, awards, fundraising and Booster Clubs. The course also touches upon ways to increase or improve citizenship and sportsmanship through positive initiatives. Athletic Administrators will have a hands-on experience creating handbooks and a strategic plan for their school.

Required for: RAA, RMSAA, CAA and CMAA Certification (TBD by Certification Committee)

LTC508 - Legal Issues III Hazing, ADA, Employment Law 
This course provides in-depth coverage of the legal standards governing hazing in interscholastic athletics programs and strategies for developing, implementing, and documenting an effective anti-hazing policy, along with extensive coverage of the constitutional rights of student-athletes that must be respected by schools when sanctioning athletes for misconduct, the impact of federal disabilities legislation on school sports programs, and the employment and labor law issues related to the administration of interscholastic athletics programs, in particular the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

LTC613 - Technology II - Advanced Computer Application Skills
This course is designed for those individuals who would like to use some advanced features in Word, e-mail applications, EXCEL and PowerPoint to improve the quality and presentation of materials. Additional areas covered in the overview are mail merge using Microsoft Word, and creating charts in Microsoft Excel. The course is an extension of LTC 612, and each lesson requires the student to interact with the software in the process of developing presentations and daily administrative reports. Attendees will receive a resource disk to watch training sessions as many times as they want while they practice in Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. For maximum benefit, it is highly recommended that attendees bring a laptop computer with at least Windows 2003, including PowerPoint and Excel, to the class.

LTC633 - Identifying and Creating Athletic Opportunities for Athletes with Disabilities
As result of the U. S. Department of Education communication and clarification of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, each school district is encouraged to include disabled students in school extra curriculum athletic programs. This course content and model plans will provide a guide for school districts to implement opportunities for disabled students to participate at the fullest extent of their abilities. All enrollees will derive strong benefit because the course alerts and educates school and athletic administrators regarding the school district’s responsibilities in providing opportunities for disabled students.

LTC707 - Assessment of Programs and Personnel
This course examines a philosophical rationale and a variety of methods that may be used to assess athletic programs and personnel. The goals of this program are to improve the performance of athletic coaches and other athletic departmentpersonnel, improvement of program operations and improvement of satisfaction among players, parents and employees.

A central theme is to encourage assessment of needs, interests and opinions that can enhance goal-setting and planning priorities. The course examines a philosophical rationale for assessment of high school sport programs, discusses basic statistical concepts, focuses on Affective Assessment, describes various Personnel Assessment methods and concepts, and details various Program Assessment techniques.

LTC714 - Dealing with Challenging Personalities
This course examines the causes of challenging or difficult personalities in society, with specific reference to interscholastic athletic programs. Basic management strategies include the use of emotional intelligence and transactional analysis considerations and methods. Specific protocols will be defined for dealing with individuals who “must be right,” “must win,” “must be logical” and “must be accepted.” In addition, techniques will be covered for preventing or responding to anger, sarcasm, denigration, complainers and backbiters and rigid-obstinate personalities. A model will also be discussed for creative interaction with parents who demand involvement in athletic department decision-making or who seek to influence the decisions of senior administrators.

LTC726 - Student Leadership Development
Student Leadership Development is an essential component to any successful education-based athletic program. In this course will be covered numerous ways to actively develop leaders in your local school and at the state level. Topics that will be covered include: captains council, student leadership workshops, service learning, and local and statewide student summits. The society in which we live is ever changing and so are our student-athletes resulting in a necessity to evolve in finding new ways to teach and challenge students to be the next generation of leaders. Enrollees that will derive the greatest benefit include educators who seek ideas and materials to help develop student leadership in their respective school, state and nation.