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LTA: Leadership Training Academy

CAA Exam

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The NIAAA Leadership Training Academy is a professional development education program established in 1996 to:

  • Promote the professional growth and prestige of athletic administrators
  • Provide an opportunity for athletic administrators to participate in the nation's largest professional organization whose activities are directed exclusively to high school and middle school athletic administrators
  • Provide education programs as a resource tool for athletic administrators
  • Promote quality in all programs conducted at the national, state and local level

For more on the Leadership Training Institute, including course descriptions and certification outlines go the NIAAA website by clicking here or contact Oregon's LTA Coordinator,

Tim Sam, CMAA tim.sam@threerivers.k12.or.us

Certification Level Requirements

(NOTE: For a complete list of course descriptions, please click here to visit the NIAAA website)


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Approval of Personal Data Form
  • Completion of LTC 501 & 502
  • Obtain the verifying signature of a sponsor (athletic administrator, principal, superintendent, state athletic/activities association staff)
  • Read the NIAAA Code of Ethics


  • Bachelor's Degree, or higher, from an accredited institution
  • Approval of Personal Data Form (PDF)
  • Two (2) or more years of experience as an athletic administrator
  • Employed by (or retired from) a school, school district or state high school athletic/activities association in such capacity that the administration of interscholastic athletics is (was) among job responsibilities
  • Completion of LTC 501, LTC 502, LTC 504 and LTC 506
  • Successful completion of the CAA examination
  • Read the NIAAA Code of Ethics

2019 CAA Exam Dates and Sites

  • April 2019 Sunriver, Oregon


  • Attained CAA designation
  • Approval of Personal Data Form (PDF)
  • Submission of supporting documentation
  • Completion of LTC 501, LTC 502, LTC 504, LTC 506 and LTC 508
  • Completion of minimum of six (6) LTC electives, three (3) each from 600 level and 700 level Courses
  • Employed so that administration of interscholastic athletics is/was one's primary responsibility
  • All requirements and points earned since CAA designation
  • Complete a practical written exercise
  • Optional program implementation
  • Read the NIAAA Code of Ethics



LTC Courses Completed

LTA Courses Taken History: